On these pages you can access information pertinent to your position as a non-tenure track faculty member at Kent State University. Here you will find links to our Collective Bargaining Agreement as well as the AAUP-KSU Constitution and our unit’s Governing Document. Please peruse these pages and become familiar with the various activities and services we provide for YOU and the entire full time non-tenure track faculty.

Our Unit of AAUP-KSU was created in 1996 to improve the terms and conditions of employment of non-tenure track faculty and we have….and we continue to do so. The Executive Committee of the FTNTT Unit works hard in your behalf but it is a strong membership that makes improvement in our work lives possible. So if you are not a member, we encourage you to join. If you are a member and would like to become more involved, please contact us.

Tracy A. Laux
President FT NTT Unit AAUP-KSU