Here you can access the CBA proposals by clicking on the links for individual articles. (An X indicates that the party opened the article for discussion)

CBA Article AAUP-KSU KSU Status
Preamble - X --
Intent and Purpose  -  - N/A
Article I: Definitions  X  X Tentative Agreement
Article II: Recognition and Dues Deduction  -  X Tentative Agreement
Article III: Management Rights   -  - N/A
Article IV: Academic Freedom and Professional Responsibility   -  - N/A
Article V: Nondiscrimination   -  - N/A
Article VI: Governance  X  X Tentative Agreement
Article VII: Grievance and Appeals Procedure   -  - N/A
Article VIII: Sanctions for Cause   -  - N/A
Article IX: Faculty Workload  X  X  AAUP-KSU Proposal
Article X: Retrenchment -  - N/A
Article XI: Promotion, Tenure and Reappointment  -  - N/A
Article XII: Salary  X  X AAUP-KSU Proposal
Article XIII: Medical Benefits  X  X AAUP-KSU Proposal
Article XIV: Other Benefits  X  X AAUP-KSU Proposal
Article XV: Faculty Fitness for Duty  -  - N/A
Article XVI: No Strike No Lockout  -  - N/A
Article XVII: Association Rights  -  X Tentative Agreement
Article XVIII: Notification of Nonreappointment and Resignation  -  - N/A
Article XIX: Faculty Professional Development  -  X --
Article XX: Intellectual Property Rights  -  X --
Article XXI: Distance/Distributed Instruction  -  X --
Article XXII: Joint Committees  -  - N/A
Article XXIII: Miscellaneous  -  - N/A
Article XXIV: Duration and Negotiation Process  X  X Tentative Agreement
Addendum A: Promotion Policy  -  X --
Addendum B: Tenure Policy  -  - N/A
Addendum C: Reappointment Policy  -  - N/A
Addendum D: Workload Policy  -  - N/A
Addendum E  X  - Tentative Agreement
Attachment A  X  X --
Attachment B  X  - --
Attachment C  X  - --
Attachment D  X  - --
Memorandum of Understanding  X  X AAUP-KSU Proposal
Schedule A  X  - AAUP-KSU Proposal