Hello TT Faculty members,

I’d like to provide you with a brief update on the status of the negotiations for a successor to our 2015 contract.  Things are continuing to proceed more slowly than we would prefer.  Since my last update, the parties have met just twice: on July 19th and July 25th.  Sessions previously scheduled on July 27th and July 31st were cancelled at the administration’s request.  The parties are scheduled to meet next on August 9th and August 14th.

Despite the slow pace, the parties are making progress on the non-economic articles opened for negotiation.  The administration withdrew its request to bargain Article IX (Faculty Workload), Article XIX (Faculty Professional Development), Article XX (Intellectual Property), and Article XXI (Distance/Distributed Instruction).  The existing language for those articles will go forward into the new contract.  Additionally, the parties reached a tentative agreement on Article XVII (Association Rights).  The changes to this article reflect the Supreme Court ruling concerning “Fair Share” representation fees.
With respect to Article VI (Governance), the parties have agreed to make only housekeeping changes and changes to section 8.A.2 (on Chair search committees) pre-negotiated as part of the resolution to a grievance.  Although discussion of specific housekeeping changes continues, we expect the parties to reach a tentative agreement on Article VI soon.
The parties continue to exchange proposals on Article I (Definitions), Article II (Recognition and Dues Deduction), and Article XXIV (Duration and Negotiations).  These are the only remaining non-economic articles opened for negotiations.
AAUP-KSU expects to receive initial proposals on the three economic articles: Article XII (Salary), Article XIII (Medical Benefits), and Article XIV (Other Benefits) from the administration on August 9th.
We’ll continue to keep you updated as bargaining unfolds throughout the summer.  Specific language proposed by either party can be found on the AAUP-KSU website (https://www.aaupksu.org/tenure-track-unit/negotiations-2018).  If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or the AAUP-KSU office.
Deborah C. Smith
Chief Negotiator, AAUP-KSU Tenured & Tenure Track Unit

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