Here you can access the CBA Summary and the CBA tentative agreements by clicking on the relevant links. Please note that any articles or addendums from the 2016 CBA not listed here are unchanged.

Here you can access the CBA proposals by clicking on the links for individual articles.

We are still bargaining! The work on the contract is progressing, but admittedly, more slowly than we would all like. We are optimistic (cautiously so) that we will finish by the end of this semester.  At this point, we have only reached a tentative agreement on ARTICLE I: Definitions. However, we have discussed all of the articles under consideration, and we feel that we are close to coming to an agreement on most of them.

Greetings FTNTT Faculty Members:

Our contract negotiations are underway! There was a bit of a delay as the University finished the TT Negotiations. Your bargaining team consists of Chief Negotiator Kim Winebrenner, Tom Warren, David Graff, Tina Bhargava, and Tracy Laux.