Thank you for the confidence you have shown in your negotiations team. The team is working hard on our behalf and your support and engagement is acknowledged and appreciated.    
In the member vote, 95% (456-24) voted YES to authorize a strike should AAUP-KSU deem it necessary to secure a fair contract. Member turnout was 80.13%.
In the non-member poll, 81.1% of respondents were in favor of authorizing a strike.
Of the collective bargaining unit members who participated, 93% responded YES to authorizing a strike.
Status of negotiations: AAUP-KSU and the administration are currently involved in bargaining sessions mediated by a Federal Mediator who was appointed by the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service.  Should the parties be unable to reach agreement soon, AAUP-KSU will request Fact-Finding by a neutral third party who will issue a non-binding report. As we go forward, we will continue with negotiations as according to our contract, negotiations in good faith are to continue throughout the Fact-Finding process.  
Thank you again for your support,
Melissa D. Zullo
AAUP-KSU Chapter President
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Here you can access AAUP-KSU's Travel Expense Reimbursement Policy as well as links to useful forms.


Travel Reimbursement Policy



Miscellaneous Expense Form - to be submitted by an authorized AAUP-KSU member for reimbursement of an item purchased on behalf of the Association.

Travel Expense Form - to be submitted in accordance to the Travel Reimbursement Policy.


In Spring 2016, AAUP-KSU conducted a survey of faculty regarding cost-saving advice for textbooks. Below is the advice we compiled for faculty who wish to reduce the cost to students. We have also compiled a document with discipline-specific advice for students, which is also available below. AAUP-KSU will be distributing this information to student groups.


Advice for Faculty

Advice for Students

Welcome to the AAUP-KSU Links web page. Here you can find helpful links:

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The AAUP‐KSU Distinguished Service Award (DSA) is recognition for outstanding service to the Association demonstrated in terms of leadership and accomplishment. Quality and longevity of service will be primary considerations for the awards although other unique characteristics or accomplishments may also be considered.

In the spring semester each year the Executive Committees from each unit will accept nominations for the Distinguished Service Awards. DSA’s need not be awarded annually, but as warranted by deeds and accomplishments of an active or retired Chapter member. Each of the Chapter Executive Committee’s (TT and FTNTT) will review nominations from their respective unit and make recommendations to the Joint Coordinating Board for final approval. Sitting Executive Committee members are normally excluded from consideration for this award. Please submit nominations to the AAUP‐KSU Chapter Director.

AAUP‐KSU Distinguished Service Nomination Form

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