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of University Professors

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The History of the AAUP-KSU

AAUP-KSU was established in 1978. There has been an AAUP chapter at Kent State for nearly thirty-five (35) years.

September 1978
The first full Collective Bargaining Agreement
United Faculty Professional Association (AAUP, OEA) and Kent State University


The History of the Tenure Track Unit

The AAUP had a proud tradition at Kent State long before its involvement in collective bargaining. An organization with hundreds of local members, the Association began publishing a detailed annual analysis of faculty salaries at KSU in the 1940's. Read More


The History of the Full-Time Non-Tenure Track Unit

Back in 1991, I started a newsletter called pro-fess-ing about non-tenure-track faculty issues. I made it as entertaining and informative as possible and sent it out to all faculty and administrators at Kent State every two weeks. Read More